History in a new Millennium

For History 297, we had to read History in a new Millenniumfrom From Herodotus to H-Net. The chapter starts with the unsettling story of white-supremacists trying to get a court to accept that the Holocaust never happened. To help with their argument, they drew from texts by historians about how certain actions in the past have often been exaggerated. This trial reaffirmed the necessity of historians to make sure that things like these are confirmed beyond reasonable doubt. The chapter continues by highlighting the importance of the internet for modern historians. I found it a bit funny how the author commented on how historians from the generations before have been having trouble with the “new technology”, whereas people in my generation are more technologically literate. However, this does present a problem, seeing as how the internet is increasingly important in most studies, seeing as how it operates as a repository for scholarly information around the world. That is something that just can’t be done with physical books. Museums across the world have begun digitizing various texts and artifacts in an attempt at preservation. Museums themselves have been increasingly important for archiving these types of things.

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