About Me

About Me
“War makes rattling good history; but Peace is poor reading”-Thomas Hardy, English Novelist



Hello. My name is Frank Owen. I, like you, enjoy history. Specifically, I enjoy military history. I enjoy studying the battles, the logistics, the planned campaigns of generals, and the struggles to destroy the other side. I am invest myself in the studies of what started these wars, how they were fought, what brought them to an end, and how they might lead to another war.
I started reading about military history when I was a kid living on a military base. My father, being a military historian, had his own personal library on various wars throughout history. He, in an act of what might be considered poor parenting, let me watch Band of Brothers. After then, I was hooked on learning about what had actually happened in the war. My dad then lent me books by Private Daniel Webster and Major Richard Winters, recounting their personal experiences in the war. From then on, I would borrow book after book from my dad and from the library. I started reading about wars besides the Second World War. I read about wars that happened before the U.S. became a country. In school, as I learned more and more about world history, I found that almost everything I learned was of interest for me. Though I still enjoyed reading about military history, I equally enjoyed learning about the political changes leading up to these wars. The ideas that would lead to these wars are as interesting to me as the wars themselves. Since then, I have wanted to study both military history and political history.
Now here I am, as a history major at the University of Mary Washington in my junior year. Still studying military and political history. After I graduate, I intend to enlist and become an officer. After that, I will have the G.I. bill on my side so I can go back to school and keep studying what I love. After all, war is rattling good history.